Oil-Based Brightener

Ranbar OB-L-Y Brightening Agent for Oily Coatings

Product Name: Brightening agent
Brand Model: Ranbar OB-L-Y
Characteristics: Good thermal stability, good lubricity, good dispersibility
Application areas: paints, coatings, inks
Packing specification: 25KG/drum

Physical Properties:
Active ingredient ≥99%
PH 6~8
Temperature resistance 300℃
Additive amount 0.3~0.5%
Viscosity 1000mPa-s
Appearance Transparent viscous liquid

Product Characteristics:
Ranbar OB-L-Y is a special brightener for oil-based coatings, with the appearance of a transparent viscous liquid, the product has small volatility, good compatibility, high melting point, good thermal stability, high gloss, excellent anti-abrasive, and slippery, it can play a role of internal, and external lubrication, and it has a good anti-adhesive and anti-flocculation effect, which can significantly improve the gloss of coatings and inks.

Ranbar OB-L-Y oil-based brightener has very good wetting properties for pigments, improves the dispersion of pigments, makes the coloring more uniform, and has a very good gloss even when the amount of pigments added is very high. The product is soluble in most organic solvents at room temperature and can be dissolved with different solvents according to the solvent requirements of coatings and printing ink systems, but it is insoluble in water.

Application range:
Ranbar OB-L-Y brightener is mainly used in the application of oil-based coatings and inks, suitable for oil-based acrylic systems, polyurethane systems, can be used in one-component baking coatings and inks, one-component oil-based self-drying coatings and inks, two-component coatings and inks; can be used in weather-resistant outdoor coatings made of vinyl chloride copolymer; in the printing and printing oils made of polyvinyl butyral, alkyd resins, rosin malleated resins In printing inks or coatings made of polyvinyl butyral, alkyd, maleated rosin and rosin resins, it can speed up drying and improve adhesion and gloss and leveling. Especially used in coatings and printing inks that require very good anti-adhesion properties after fast solid drying. Recommended for oil-based matte varnishes or baking paints.

Ranbar OB-L-Y Brightener for Oil-Based Coatings is recommended to be diluted with organic solvents before adding to the system, which facilitates uniform dispersion. It is recommended to add 0.3 to 0.5%, theoretically, the more the amount added, the higher the gloss and fullness, but note that it will affect the hardness of the paint film, and can be corrected by adding curing agent or amine appropriately.

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