Our Services

Free testing: Provide samples, samples, color cards or products, etc., according to the performance and environmental protection requirements, and match the most suitable pigments;
Free color matching: Incoming materials, samples, color cards, products, etc., according to the original colors and requirements, to match the pigments that best meet the needs of customers;
Free samples: according to your standard samples or requirements to adjust and provide pigment and dye samples, or send samples according to our standard pigment and dye samples;

When you have questions about the coloring of your product?

When the pigment used is not stable enough;
When the pigments used are not environmentally friendly;
When the cost of the pigments used is high;
When the performance of the pigment used does not meet your requirements;

Our advantage

Ranbar Company, a brand that puts itself into consideration for customers, and a brand with high quality and low price
The quality of Ranbar is positioned at high-end pigments, and the price of Ranbar is 30% lower than the market price on average.

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