Perylene pigment
Perylene pigment belongs to the category of high-grade organic pigment (high-performance organic pigment HPOP) with excellent application performance, and is a category of polycyclic ketone (vat dye) pigments; It was discovered as early as 1913, when it was used as a vat dye. Among them, those that are both vat dye commodities and can be used as organic pigment commodities, such as Vat red 23 (pigment red 179), Vat red 29 (pigment red 190), Vat red 32 (pigment red 189)etc, but only as organic pigment commodity dosage forms, such as pigment red 123, pigment red 149, pigment red 178, etc. Based on the excellent weather fastness and heat stability of this type of pigment, as a high-grade organic pigment, it is mainly used in high-grade coatings, such as automobile coatings, metal surface coatings, powder coatings, exterior wall coatings and synthetic fiber slurry coloring, plastic (polyolefin, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc.).
Main categories:
Perylene pigments with perylene tetraformamide as parent structure are a kind of important varieties. These pigments have excellent sun resistance, heat resistance and solvent resistance. They are widely used in the coloring of plastic and synthetic fiber stock solution.
Perylene pigment red 149
Pigment red 149 is a bright red pigment with high coloring power and light fastness. The light fastness can reach grade 8 at the transparent 1 / 25 standard depth. The melting point of pigment red 149 is greater than 450 ℃, so its thermal stability is particularly good. Coloring in polyolefin can be processed at 300 ℃. The thermal stability of pigment red 149 diluted with titanium dioxide is better than that of phthalocyanine red. Pigment red 149 can also be used for the raw liquid coloring of polypropylene and polyester fibers. It is also very suitable for the coloring of engineering plastics such as high impact polystyrene, polystyrene and ABS. It can withstand high temperature of 320 ℃ in polycarbonate.
Perylene pigment red 178
Pigment red 178 is yellow and slightly dark, and has good weather fastness. In this regard, its performance is equivalent to or slightly higher than quinacridone pigment red 122.
Perylene pigment red 179
Pigment red 179 is a Blue phase dark red pigment with high coloring power and excellent weather fastness. Pigment red 179 can be used to color nylon stock solution.
Perylene Pigment Violet 29
Pigment Violet 29 is dark jujube red and has excellent weather fastness. Its 1 / 3-m standard depth sun fastness reaches grade 7-8. Pigment Violet 29 has high thermal stability and can withstand 290 ℃ for 5-6 hours. It is completely suitable for the coloring of polyester fiber stock solution.
Perylene Red Pigment 179

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