Ranbar OHT Solvent Dye

Ranbar Orange OHT high-temperature solvent dye

chemical structure: Perinone dyestuff
Color: orange
Bulk density: 0.89g/cm³
Melting point: >350℃
pH value: 7 (100 g/l, 20°C)
Appearance: bright orange powder
Packaging specifications: 10KG/20KG
Storage stability: 60 months after leaving the factory

Polymer fastness:
Thermal stability (DIN EN 12877) Lightfastness (DIN EN ISO 4892-2)
PPS:350℃ PPS full shade: 8
PEEK:380℃ reduction: 7-8
HTN:350℃ HTN full shade: 8
PC: 340℃ reduction: 7-8
PA6: 300℃ PC full shade: 8
PET: 320℃ reduction: 7-8

Comparison chart between Ranbar OHT dye and LANXESS HT dye color card

Note: Our Ranbar Orange OHT dye is mainly benchmarked against LANXESS Macrolex Orange HT solvent dye. The picture above is a comparison chart of the color cards made by our technical department using these two dye toners.

Ranbar Orange OHT is a high-performance Perinone-based orange organic solvent dye. It has excellent color intensity and high gloss, excellent thermal stability, high light resistance, weather resistance and migration resistance, and good boiling resistance. , the color is slightly redder and darker after the boiling test. This dye is very suitable for coloring high-quality plastic products with demanding high-temperature processing and applications such as PA.

Ranbar Orange OHT high-temperature resistant plastic dye is recommended for high processing temperature plastic products such as polyamide nylon, and can be used for transparent and opaque dyeing of PA6, PA6.6, PC, PET, PBT and PPS, such as for power tools Shells or gears, beverage bottles, electronic equipment, car taillights, various engineering plastics, etc.

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