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Ranbar OB-K-A Brightener for Plastics

Brand: Ranbar
Name: Brightening agent for plastics
Specification: 25KG/bag
Characteristics: high-temperature resistance, easy to disperse, good lubricity, good stability
Effect: Improve the brightness of the surface of plastic products, improve the fluidity and dispersibility

Ranbar OB-K-A Brightener is a highly efficient plastic special brightener designed for the performance requirements of various plastic products, with the appearance of white powder, the product is characterized by high thermal stability, non-dissolution, non-decomposition, high interfacial activity, lubrication, and penetration ability. The use of Ranbar plastic brighteners can greatly improve the surface brightness and gloss of plastic products.

Ranbar OB-K-A Brightener can increase the surface smoothness and finish of plastic products, increase the compatibility of colorants, fillers, and various auxiliaries added to plastic products with polar resins, enhance the wetting and dispersing effect of pigments and fillers so that the pigment particles will no longer coalesce into hard-to-dispersed agglomerates, and also improve the demolding effect of the products and anti-adhesive effect.

Physical properties:
Appearance White powder
Temperature resistance 320℃
Density 0.98g/cm³
Moisture ≤0.5%
Fineness 300mesh
Effective content 99%

Product Characteristics:
  • Containing nano-materials, polymer inert material ingredients, with good internal and external lubricating properties;
  • It can form a thin film layer on the surface of the product, which can greatly improve the surface brightness of the product;
  • Good impermissibility, good dispersibility for pigment and filler, and prevent floating fiber phenomenon for fiber-added materials;
  • Easy to use, can be directly blended with various types of resins, granulation, low cost, the dosage of 0.03-0.5% or so;
  • It has excellent thermal stability, low volatility, good mold release, and fluidity;
  • It has excellent accelerating nucleation effect on partially crystallized plastics, increasing the brightness of products, and can be used for transparent products;
  • It is an effective lubricant for many polymers in extrusion and plastic molding processes;
  • It can improve the processing performance of plastic products, increase production efficiency, and reduce the scrap rate, and it also serves as a film remover and antistatic agent;
  • Improve the bad phenomenon of the product surface, eliminate the melt rupture during plastic processing, and reduce the irregularity of the film surface due to the formation of excessive pressure and the phenomenon of spraying frost.

Product Application:
Ranbar OB-K-A plastic special brightener is mainly used for plastic products to brighten, and brighten, while increasing the lubricity, fluidity, and wear resistance, so that the surface of plastic products forms an oily mirror light, to improve the brightness of the surface of plastic products and the appearance of the quality of the products, suitable for high-temperature processing conditions at the same time, the thermal stability and excellent release of the mold conditions, high-temperature plastics processing do not have to worry about degradation, there is a degradation in the color masterbatch. Degradation, in the color masterbatch, has excellent lubricating and dispersing bright effect.

Ranbar OB-K-A Brightening can be widely used as a processing aid for PE, PP, PVC, ABS, PS, LLDPE, LDPE, PC, PA, POM, PET, PBT, and other plastics, such as extruding, blow molding, calendering, injection molding, wires, cables, hoses, rubber processing aids, as well as a variety of masterbatches, functional masterbatches.

Usage and dosage:
Mix Ranbar OB-K-A brightener with plastic pellets for pelletizing, injection, or extrusion molding. The recommended dosage is about 0.03-0.5%.

Packaging and Storage:
Ranbar brightener OB-K-A products are packed in paper-plastic composite bags or another special packaging, net weight of 25kg per bag, this product is a non-dangerous good, it is recommended to be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, protected from light storage.

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