Ranbar OB-K-B High Temperature Resistant Plastic Brightener

Brand: Ranbar
Name: Plastic brightener
Appearance: white powder
Temperature resistance: 400℃
Particle size: 300 mesh
Additive amount: 0.05-0.1%
Specification: 25KG/bag

Product Advantages:
  • Good internal and external lubricating properties and surface brightness, good internet, and anti-adhesion.
  • It has good wettability and dispersibility for pigment and filler and can improve the vividness and brightness of color masterbatch.
  • It has the unique properties of high melting point and low viscosity in molten body and good migration.
  • It can improve the abrasion between the product and machinery, reduce the electric energy, and reduce the mechanical abrasion performance.
  • Effectively improve the surface brightness of the product, increase the transparency of the product, and make the product surface luminous and bright.
  • Excellent thermal stability, no decomposition, and volatilization during product processing and production, no corrosion of equipment, no contamination of products, and no increase in wear between equipment and resin.

Product Description:
Ranbar OB-K-B is a high-performance plastic brightener for high-temperature plastics, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high melting point, good stability, good lubricity, good compatibility with various resins, etc. It can be used to improve the processing fluidity of the melt, improve the dispersion speed of pigments and fillers in the system, improve the compatibility and binding force of pigments and fillers with the resins, and can effectively solve the problems of silvering, streaming, moisture and efflorescence and other It can effectively solve the defects of plastic parts such as silver grain, flow pattern, water vapor, and surface, etc. It can also make the toughness and strength of the water spout material and recycled material increase and not easy to break, and it can make the surface of the high-temperature engineering plastics products last and bright, and at the same time it has the performance of anti-scratch and friction-resistance.

Ranbar OB-K-B high-temperature plastic brightener will not affect and destroy the original performance of the product resin, in the product after the addition of the use of the product will be rapidly integrated into the product resin molecular chain, which can effectively accelerate the product resin molecular crystallization speed and mobility, by changing the molecular structure of the plastic product, improve the density of the resin molecular chain, so as to achieve to enhance the role of the product surface brightness and smoothness, the product surface to achieve the ideal brightness, the surface of the product to achieve the desired level of brightness. The surface achieves the ideal brightness, and at the same time increases the lubricity, fluidity, and wear-resistant performance.

Product Application:
Ranbar OB-K-B High-Temperature Plastic Brightener can quickly form a smooth film on the surface of the product, with excellent and long-lasting brightening performance. Adding a small amount of plastic brightener during the manufacturing process of the product can make the product achieve the effect of lightening, brightening, and smoothing, which can obviously show super high gloss, brightness, and surface smoothness. The product can be used for recycled materials and new materials processing production, recommended for PC, ABS, PA, AS, PP, PE, POM, PS, PET, PBT, and other plastic products brightening, the use of this product can greatly improve the surface of the plastic products brightness, the real surface of the plastic products neat, bright, no defects.

Usage and dosage:
Just add the plastic brightening agent to the mixing, and mix with the plastic fully after heating and baking can be extruded, injection molding, or blow molding. The suggested adding amount is 0.05-0.1%.

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